Sunday, 18 October 2015

Importance of Privacy

You don't know my last name.

You may if you knew me before The Highest Cloud, and if you are one of my blogging friends. But you. The newcomer. The one how discovered this blog with no prior information. You don't know my last name. You know me as Holly Rebecca.

And that's the way it needs to remain. For now at least. 

Until recent months, I was very open about my online identity. Everything featured my name, first. last. sometimes middle. It felt great to be able to see my name somewhere online. For me seeing a name and it's combination which I've never heard of anywhere else is a very personal thing. 

Then something changed. People who had a disliking for me  invaded my online life and I was left feeling a lot less safe than ever before on the world wide web. 

We rely on the internet to be a happy and secure place, no matter how untrue it is. We hope that everything away from the real world can somewhat be perfect and pristine. A clean slate. It never is. It never will be. Until something happens, you will never realise how much you appreciate and value your own privacy. 

Think hard and carefully before you share so much of your world online. I know it seems like what you want to do at the time, but there may come at time when you regret your own actions more than other people's.

Holly x

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